Eliminator Track® Demountable Wall System

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Eliminator Track® & Sound Termination Clip - Company History

Eliminator Track® Pre-Punched Holes for 16" and 24" Spacing

The idea for Eliminator Track® originated when an architect, working on a high-rise in Minneapolis,
Track Openings Allow for Electrical and Cable Wiring
wanted to build interior walls to the underside of an existing acoustical ceiling... AND... he wanted a system that would create a finished acoustical edge at both the ceiling grid and wall intersections.

Eliminator Track® was the result of that request and since, over 4 million feet of walls have been built in the United States and Canada using the Eliminator Track®. It works exceptionally well in remodeling or retrofit projects, as well as new construction, where walls can be installed up through an acoustical ceiling grid without disturbing the ceiling grid!

Eliminator Track® reduces demolition cost and inconvenience to the building owners or tenants while saving TIME and MONEY.

Past notable projects:

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield - New York
  • Coke Refinery - Kansas
  • Opus-Medtronic, Minneapolis

  • St. Paul Companies - St. Paul
  • U.S. Air Force - Las Vegas
  • First Indiana Building - Indianapolis

Sound Termination Clip

In 2016, Pro Products Mfg. introduced a the Sound Termination Clip, a small insert between the steel studs in commercial wall construction that creates a small amount of space between the steel studs that captures and absorbs the sound in that space, effectively reducing the amount of noise passed between the walls and achieving a 52 STC Acoustical rating. This office wall noise reduction solution allows for faster wall assembly, thinner wall dimensions, and affordable acoustical wall rating.

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