Eliminator Track® Demountable Wall System

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Component Specifications for Eliminator Track®


Specifications in Word format


Part 1 General
1.01 SECTION INCLUDES A. Steel stud framing top track for installation with suspended acoustical grid. 1.02 SYSTEM DESCRIPTION
A. Acoustical Ceiling Wall Track: Special pre-punched wall top track installed as part of interior partition system after completion of acoustical ceiling grid. Gypsum board materials and finishes are fit to track flange eliminating need for edge trim. B. Fire Rated Partitions: Wall studs continue through special track up to structure for application of gypsum board and sealant as specified to create fire-rated wall assemblies up through a continuous ceiling grid system. 1.03 SUBMITTALS
A. Product Data: Provide data on wall track system, including data on endcaps, corner plates, and splice plates required for the design indicated. 1.04 REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS
A. Conform to tested fire rated assembly of wall track system where 1-hour fire-rated partitions are indicated.

Part 2 Products
2.01 FRAMING PRODUCTS A. Pro Products Mfg., Product: Eliminator Track. www.eliminatortrack.com.
1. Ceiling Top Track
a. Manufacturer's standard prefinished white 25 gage steel track for use in conjunction with installed ceiling grid. b. Size: 2-1/2" and 3-5/8" widths, prepunched to accomodate non load-bearing studs at 16" and 24" spacing.

2. Accessories: Manufacturer's standard splice plates, endcaps, 90 degree outside corners, and 135 degree corner plates.

Part 3 Execution
3.01 EXAMINATION A. Verify the suspended ceiling system is installed accurately and true to line. 3.02 INSTALLATION
A. Install acoustical ceiling wall track, trim and accessories in accordance with manufacturer's instructions. B. Coordinate installation of track and gypsum board with application of fire caulking where required for manufacturer's tested wall assembly.

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