Eliminator Track® Demountable Wall System

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What is Eliminator Track®

Eliminator Track® is an innovative system of integrating steel
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drywall framing with acoustical grid ceilings. It is designed to replace standard top track when framing 25 gauge walls in areas where the ceiling grid is already installed. Eliminator Track® allows for maximum design flexibility and is quickly installed. Framing, ceiling, mechanical, electrical and carpeting trades benefit from Eliminator Track® and building owners benefit from reduced labor and time on projects.

Eliminator Track® is available for 2-1/2" and 3-5/8" interior, non-load bearing wall conditions. Our patented design allows wall studs at 16" or 24" spacing. The wall studs simply snap into place and eliminates the need to measure stud spacing.

Eliminator Track® provides a permanent looking ceiling/wall intersection on walls built to the underside of acoustical ceiling. There is no need to install J-bead and L-bead. The finish edge is part of the design of the Eliminator Track® system.

Description Pcs/Ctn L.F./Ctn
2-1/2" Eliminator Track® 10 80' or 120'
3-5/8" Eliminator Track® 10 80' or 120'
90° Corner 50  
135° Corner 50  
2-1/2" Endcap 50  
3-5/8" Endcap 50  
2-1/2" Splice Plate 25  
3-5/8" Splice Plate 25  
Eliminator Track®
Eliminator Track®
90 Degree Corner Plate
90° Corner Plate
135 Degree Corner Plate
135° Corner Plate
Splice Plate
Splice Plates

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