Eliminator Track® Demountable Wall System

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Eliminator Track® Video
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Eliminator Track® is an innovative, patented product that revolutionizes the entire build-out process for both new construction and remodel projects. Eliminator Track® replaces the standard top track in non-load bearing walls in building areas where ceiling grids have been installed. Eliminator Track® reduces the time required for ceiling lay-out, carpeting and the framing, drywall and finishing of non-load bearing interior walls.

Eliminator Track® provides a clean, attractive appearance at the ceiling-wall intersection without the need to frame individual walls prior to installation of the ceiling grid. Eliminator Track® allows steel studs to simply be snap-locked into position.

Real Solutions Through Products, Services and Technology

  • Lower installation costs
  • Faster than standard framing
  • Design versatility
  • Easy changes

New Product from Pro Products Mfg.


Pro Products Mfg. LLC proudly introduces the Sound Terminator Clip for building sound walls. Our patent pending Sound Termination Clip achieves a 4 7/8" finished wall AND a 52 Sound Transmission Class Rating.

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Build Better-Looking Interiors For Less With Eliminator Track® Steel Wall Framing System

Build Attractive Interior Walls for less cost with Eliminator Track® Based on a 10,000 square foot office area, consider the savings when installing ceiling grid, carpet and building walls (comparison is based on an office layout containing 30 offices using conventional construction methods)
  • 10,000 sq. ft. of acoustical grid and tile
  • 1,000 l.f. steel stud partition
  • 10,000 sq. ft. carpeting
    % Savings
Acoustical Grid & Tile Material, Labor and Mark-Up 30%
Framing Material, Labor and Mark-Up 25%
Carpet Material, Labor and Mark-Up 15%

Eliminator Track® delivers professional results for less cost:

  • Eliminates cutting studs due to uneven floors
  • Eliminates fastening studs with screws or stud crimpers
  • Eliminates building walls before installing ceiling grid

  • Eliminates the need for J-bead and L-bead
  • Eliminates cutting holes for wiring
  • Eliminates errors in stud layout
  • Eliminates significant taping labor

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