Eliminator Track® Demountable Wall System

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Eliminator Track®

Q. What is Eliminator Track®?
A. Eliminator Track® is a patented 25 gauge steel track, designed to replace a standard top track when framing interior drywall partitions in areas where the ceiling grid has already been installed. It reduces framing time and the time spent on finishing wall/ceiling intersections actually creating a better finished appearance than walls finished with J-bead or L-bead.

Q. What wall thickness can be built using Eliminator Track®?
A. Eliminator Track® is manufactured for 2-1/2" and 3-5/8" wall conditions. It comes in standard 8 foot lengths (10 pieces or 80 l.f. per carton) or 12 foot lengths (10 pieces or 120 l.f. per carton). There are 18 cartons per skid.

Q. What finishes/colors does Eliminator Track® come?
A. Eliminator Track® is finished with a white, baked polyester paint to match many ceiling grid manufacturer's standard white colors.

Q. What types of jobs are best for Eliminator Track®?
A. Any job where the ceiling grids have been previously installed (new construction or retrofit/remodel) and are ready for partition walls. Since the track is designed to attach directly to the ceiling grid, it makes the installation of partition walls much easier, for build-out projects or projects for tenant improvement.

Q. How can I save money using Eliminator Track®?
A. Keep in mind that Eliminator Track® is the framing track, wall trim and finished edge, all in one. It is also important to remember that there are significant savings realized with the application of the ceiling grid, coordination of various trades and carpeting. In new construction, the grid can be installed continuously in any area and in retrofit, there is a significantly reduced need to demolish existing grid.

Q. How high of a wall can be built with Eliminator Track®?
A. Limiting heights for most wall designs can be found in the Gypsum Association's Design Manaul. We recommend not to exceed 12' on walls below the ceiling grid and 18' when going above the ceiling grid and extending to the deck above.

Q. How long of a stud can be inserted through Eliminator Track®?
A. As a rule of thumb, a stud 1/3 longer than the finished ceiling height.

Q. Can either 1/2" or 5/8" drywall be used with Eliminator Track®?
A. Either size will work. However, the protective tape is designed for 5/8" gypsum board, so you may need to use masking tape when painting, if you use 1/2" gypsum board.

Q. Will the drywall compound crack when the protective tape is removed?
A. The protective tape only covers the exposed flange on Eliminator Track®. The gypsum board, reinforcing tape, and joint compound should not cover the protective tape. If you do get compound on the protective tape, using some caution, it is flexible enough to peel without cracking the finish coat. Additionally, the protective tape will not leave any adhesive residue on the flange.

Q. Is Eliminator Track® fire-rated?
A. Yes. Eliminator Track® was tested and has passed the 1-hour fire test under the guidelines of ASTM E-119 (standard methods of fire tests of building materials and construction). The fire-rated wall design is also I.C.B.O. approved.

Q. Is Eliminator Track® sound rated?
A. Individual components of a wall assembly cannot be sound tested. However, we have tested a wall design using 25 gauge studs, 2-1/2" of batt insulation and 5/8" gypsum board. Eliminator Track® was compared against a standard track, at the top of a ceiling partition and found the design to be equal.

Q. Can Eliminator Track® accommodate seismic design requirements?
A. Eliminator Track® greatly simplifies seismic bracing of partitions. Simply extend a stud through the designed opening in Eliminator Track® a few inches above the ceiling grid. Then screw attach the stud to Eliminator Track® so Eliminator Track® is tight against the ceiling grid. Then install your bracing.

Q. I have never installed Eliminator Track® before. What support can I expect?
A. You can always reach us by e-mail, fax or phone. We would be happy to discuss your project with you. Further, in every box of Eliminator Track®, we include detailed instructions that describe, from the beginning to job completion, how to install Eliminator Track® properly, without wasting valuable time. Additional instructions are also available from your local distributor.

Sound Termination Clip

Q: Why should I use the ST Clip?
A: There are many ways of building a sound wall but with the ST Clip, you can achieve a 52 STC rating while maintaining a standard dimensional wall with standard 5/8" sheet rock and R-11 Fiberglass insulation.

Q: What size studs does the ST Clip use?
A: All gauges of 1 5/8" studs.

Q: Can the ST Clip be used on all 3 5/8" walls?
A: Yes, all 3 5/8" steel stud non-load bearing walls.

Q: Can the ST Clip be used on wood studs?
A: The ST Clip will clap on a 2x4 wood stud, however, testing is not complete to for a STC Rating. We anticipate those results in Spring of 2016.

Q: How many lineal feet will a box of 50 ST Clips complete?
A: Up to a 9' wall, a box of ST Clips will cover approximately 50 lineal feet with stud spacing at 24" on center.

Q: What is the easiest installation method?
A: Attach both clips on the same 8' or 9' foot stud, then twist the 2nd stud into the previously fastened clips.

Q: What is the tallest wall I can build with the ST Clip?
A: Maximum height of a wall is determined by stud manufacturer.

Q: Do I still have to use insulation inside of the wall?
A: Yes, As tested to specification ASTM:E90 a minimum of R-11 Fiberglass must be used. However, other insulation products can be used without limitation.

Q: Do I need to screw each clip to the stud?
A: No. It is not necessary but can be fastened for added strength.

Q: Is standard 5/8" sheetrock recommended?
A: Yes. Standard 5/8" sheetrock was used in our independent testing resulting in a STC rating of 52. Additional sound performance products ie: (sound caulking, sound board, etc) can be used without limitation.

Q: Will the ST Clip work with the Eliminator Track system?
A: Yes. The ST Clip holds the two 1 5/8" studs to a standard 3 5/8" dimensional wall using standard 3 5/8" floor track.

Q: Is there a warranty on the ST Clip?
A: Yes. Free from manufacturing defects for a period of 1 year from date of purchase.

Q: Where can I buy the ST Clip?
A: The ST Clip and Eliminator Track, both made by ProProducts MFG LLC, can be purchased at most drywall, steel stud, or acoustical ceiling distributors in the United States.

Q: My local supplier says they don't carry the ST Clip, what can I do?
A: We are adding stocking weekly. Please call or email us and we will help you find a distributor to purchase from.

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