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Sound Termination Clip

Reduce Noise in Office Walls
Sound Termniation Clip

How Does the Sound Termination Clip work?

Sound transfers through solid objects but can be trapped or contained in space. The Sound Termination Clip:

  • Creates space between steel studs
  • Captures the sound in that space
  • Absorbs the captured sound
  • Keeps your wall dimensional

"Sound" too good to be true? With two generations of wall experts on our design team, patents pending and ASTM-E90 testing completed, "listening, is believing".

soundproof office walls


Standard Transmission Class (STC) Test Results
Test # Sample Identification Insulation STC DEF OITC
1 Sound Termination Clip R-11 Fiberglass 52 32 33
2 Sound Termination Clip R-13 Mineral Wool 52 22 31

See full test results here (in .pdf format).

Sound Termination Clips Spec Sheet

See Sound Termination Clips Spec Sheet (in .pdf format).

Architectural CAD Drawings

STClip Cut-Out CAD Drawing (in .dwg format)
STClip CAD Drawing (in .dwg format)

Office Wall Noise Reduction
Simple Installation

Why Sound Termination Clips?

  • Faster wall assembly
    30% - 50% reduction in components
  • Thinner wall assembly
    Maintains all dimension
  • Achieve a 52 STC Rating
    Acoustical ratings, made affordable
  • Simple inventory offering
    One SKU for the job

Simple Sound Wall Installation

  • (2) 1-5/8 Steel studs
  • Snap ST Clip between studs
  • Install first clip 2' from floor
  • Max clip span 4'

in-wall sound reduction solution
Thinner wall assembly

For more information on how to soundproof office walls and to place an order, please call (763) 552-0853 today!

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