What kind of testing was done on the Eliminator Track?


Eliminator Track is an easy and reliable product for interior walls. It’s quality has been proven by tests done by the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas using the Intertek Middleton Laboratory. After many tests, it was approved under the US fire safety standards for building construction and materials. Their report details all of the tests conducted, noting that the Eliminator Track passed all of them seen below:

The Intertek Middleton laboratory conducted an ASTM E119(2016a) half duration Full-Scale Vertical fire test. This test was conducted on a non-loaded wall assembly incorporating L&M Holding’s stud clips (Assembly construction is detailed in Intertek Report 103182824MID-001r1). The sample completed the half duration fire endurance portion of the test with no failures. The sample was then subjected to a Hose-Stream test for 1 minute. At the conclusion of the hose stream 100 square ft of exposed surface had no through openings. This sample met the criteria of the standard for the Hose-Stream test.